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Movies Anywhere Free Review: How can I watch for free? (Updated 2022)

Movies Anywhere is a digital platform which allows users to sync all their content present across several platforms into a single library, so that they can enjoy the content directly from the website or app.

Movies Anywhere

Nicole Sommer
Last updated: Monday, 02.October 2023
Author Biography
Hello. My name is Nicole Sommer. I am a big soccer enthusiast and do a lot of reserach around the easiest way to watch soccer on TV and online across the whole globe.
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Movies Anywhere is a great way to consolidate all your movie streaming into one account, share movies with friends and family, and access them from any device. Movies Anywhere is a cloud-based digital locker and OTT streaming platform operated by The Walt Disney Group. It lets you watch blockbuster films from major networks, consolidating your movie libraries into one place. Most of us find the task of navigating different streaming networks and accounts tedious. Movies Anywhere is a great way to stream all your movies in one place, share them with friends and family, and access them from any device.
Personally, I prefer to have my movies and shows organized on one platform. That's where Movies Anywhere comes in. It may not have its own content, but it does have a library filled with content from supported networks. So, if you have content on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or Vudu, you can sync it with Movies Anywhere and you'll have everything on this network.

Movies Anywhere - A digital bridge between vendor and consumer

Most online movie purchases can be put on one platform, which eliminates the need to log in to different platforms. That makes Movies Anywhere a digital bridge between online vendors (Content Providers) and content consumers (You and Me). So far, Movies Anywhere can sync with the platforms mentioned above, along with networks such as Microsoft, Xfinity TV, and FandangoNOW.

Backed by Major Studios

Movies Anywhere is backed by leading studios, such as Universal, Disney, Fox, Sony and Warner Bros. As a result, any movie produced by these studios will appear in the app, whether you have purchased it or not. Not only do these movies get synced with the Movies Anywhere app but also with other partner networks.

How does Movies Anywhere model work?

It's quite simple. You can watch digital movies or codes you redeem on all the platforms mentioned above. Thus, your iTunes movies can be watched on Android and your Vudu movies can be streamed via Apple TV.


Movies Anywhere was first launched in the year 2014 as part of the Disney Movies Anywhere project. Later, new platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, FandangoNOW, Microsoft, Google Play Movies & TV, and Vudu were added to the mix. In 2017, DMA was relaunched as Movies Anywhere offering content from Disney and other partner networks.


I don't really have much to complain about with the design. I think it's pretty simple and colorful. Some of the subtle fonts and movie banner designs are cool, and I love the blue and purple color tones throughout the website.

Homepage Banner

The text on the button reads - ?Get free access to all of our features and content.? If you check the website's homepage banner, there is a clean and minimal design with supporting text. From the banner itself, you can make out that the platform is powered by major studios. On the left, there is a CTA button which says ??Join-Now Free?? with subtext - ?Open to US residents 13+?. The text on the button reads - ?Get free access to all of our features and content.?

Explore Tab

If you click on one of the movie banners, you'll be taken to a new page with more information about that movie, including cast and crew, trailers, ratings and reviews. At the top of the page are three categories: Explore, Redeem & My Movies. If you click on explore, you'll be taken to a new page which has a focal movie banner followed by categories such as New Releases, Daily Deals, Game Over, Holiday Action, From the Earth to the Stars, Chillout with Family, Exclusives and more. If you click on one of the movie banners, you'll be taken to a new page with more information about that movie- including cast and crew- trailers- ratings- and reviews.

Redeem Tab

If you click on the Redeem Tab, you'll be directed towards a dark page with grey text. This has to be the dullest page on the entire website. There's a rectangular box in which you are required to add your digital code. Once you add the code, you can click on Redeem to complete the process. If you don't know how to redeem, there are steps mentioned below the redeem button.


Joining Movies Anywhere is free for US citizens above 13 years old. If you're not familiar with the sign-up process, I want to make it as easy as possible for you.
You can sign up for the program using your Facebook, Google, or email account. Once you sign up, you will be asked to link the two accounts.
- Select your retailer(s) and click Connect. If you have an Amazon, iTunes, Xfinity, Vudu, FandangoNOW, or Microsoft account, you don't need this app yet. However, if you want all your digital assets in one place, follow these instructions to add accounts manually: - Visit from your browser - Sign-up if you haven't done it yet - Click on the user profile on the top right-hand corner - Click on Manage Retailers - Click on Connect to link individual accounts - Enter the account credentials to provide permission to complete the connection - Select your retailer(s) and click Connect.
Once you finish this process, all your digital movies will appear in the My Movies category. Before we move onto content, I would like to point out that not every movie is available on Movies Anywhere. For example, Paramount movies are not yet streaming partners, so if you buy a Paramount movie via Vudu it won't appear in your My Movies list.


I recently checked out Avengers Infinity War on iTunes and then got it on Google Play, Vudu, and Amazon apps by linking my account through Movies Anywhere. Thus, I was able to watch the same movie on all of those platforms. This means that content is available across major networks and you can stream it on a variety of media players.

Platforms onboard

Apple iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Xfinity (for Xfinity TV subscribers only), Google Play Movies and TV, Microsoft (Xbox and Windows 10), FandangoNow
You can shop for movies from any of the platforms listed above and regardless of the app or the device, you can play the movie.

Movie studios on board

Pictures Disney, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Twentieth Century Fox, and Universal Pictures are the leading Hollywood movie studios.
Even though some of the bigger movie studios, Lionsgate, Paramount and MGM/UA, are not on Movies Anywhere yet, there are still a lot of great movies that you can watch through the service. Some of the titles that you might have missed because those studios are not part of Movies Anywhere include Kirk and Spock, The Godfather, Mission Impossible and Indiana Jones.

4K Experience depends upon your device

Movies Anywhere supports 4K streaming. Watching movies in 4K quality is straightforward. All you need is the right hardware and the Movies Anywhere app. If you're streaming on an Android device that doesn't support 4K yet, however, your movies will only be shown in 1080p max. So make sure you have a digital device that supports 4K before streaming any of your Movies Anywhere films.

Desktop/Mobile experience

Movies Anywhere is the front end of the movie library. If you haven't bought a film yet and would like to watch it on Movies Anywhere, you can click the buy option and it will show you the video with its vendors.
There are a variety of devices that are compatible with Amazon Video, Roku, Amazon Fire Tablets, and Chromecast. It works seamlessly on major web browsers on MAC and PCs. Disney is working on improving its compatibility so that there will eventually be gaming console support.

How many screens can I stream with Movies Anywhere at once?

You can get up to four streams at once. All viewers can watch different films at the same time through Movies Anywhere. As for the same title, you can only stream a maximum of two streams.

Can I restrict the movies my kids have access to?

You can create profiles for family members on Netflix. Each profile can be customized to include different ratings, so you can make sure your children don't watch PG-13 movies unless they are over the age of thirteen. You can also lock their profile so they can't watch age-restricted content.

Plans & Pricing - Movies Anywhere is Free to Join

Signing up for the website is free.

Suggestions I have for Movies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere is doing a great job expanding its unique content libraries. If they add gaming console compatibility, there is not much they need to do.


Personally, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't try this service. Especially, if you have purchased a movie on any of the platforms mentioned above, you should definitely try Movies Anywhere.
Nicole Sommer
Nicole Sommer is a true soccer fan and loyal supporter of FC Arsenal and 1.FC Köln. She plays actively her self as central forward in the women's aquad of TuS Köln in Germany. In her spare time she spends a lot of time online including researching the soccer streaming space. Her research has been published in several online soccer magazines.
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Movies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere Free Review: How can I watch for free? (Updated 2022).

Movies Anywhere is a digital platform which allows users to sync all their content present across several platforms into a single library, so that they can enjoy the content directly from the website or app.

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